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Spring Cleaning Your Life: A Guide To Staying Sane

While we haven’t yet seen Spring in Syracuse, we are eternally hopeful that it is just around the corner; trading snow for mud, clouds for sunshine and hopefully some warmer temperatures to replace our polar vortexes. Spring is a time to get our affairs in order, sweep out the cobwebs and clean out the garage/attic/basement […]

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Mother's are leaders

Mothers are Natural Leaders

I’m here to fill a topic gap and maybe that’s what leadership is all about – seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Leadership is rarely the huge, in-your-face, high recognition moments. Leadership is about figuring out what needs to be done and doing it. And 99% of the time, it’s thankless, unrecognized, […]

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You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

We all have those days. The days when from the moment you open your eyes, it’s a struggle. You wonder how you’ll ever get through, and you question everything you’re doing as a parent. You’re pulled in ten different directions and feel like you need to grow an extra set of hands just to get […]

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40 Tasty Holiday Recipes

In between the hustle and bustle of wrapping gifts and hanging the stockings by the fire with care, it suddenly hits you – you also need to feed your family and guests, who are all expecting something special to eat for the holidays. If you haven’t compiled your favorite recipes, made a grocery list or started holiday baking yet, no […]

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Bad Moms

Calling All Bad Moms

I feel like the parental equivalent of a Sour Patch Kid. First I’m sour. Then I’m sweet. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the kids’ fault. As the mother of any teenager knows, you’re going to hit a breaking point. For me, that was last night. I was one layer of face cream […]

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How Becoming A Mom Has Made Me a Slacker

When asked to describe myself, “slacker” does not come to mind. In fact, I’ve been known to be particular about quite a few things, with more of a type A personality. Admittedly, this can be to a fault. I’ve missed a lot of moments bustling around the house obsessing over minute details, dirty dishes and dust. […]

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The Gradual Uphill Climb

The Gradual Uphill Climb

Everyone acknowledges that time rockets past when you have kids. As parents we are often told not to blink for fear of missing it. But less talked about is the journey getting there. I’ve recently noticed a transition to a phase I never thought about the day that I became a mom. It has been a slow […]

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