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Pregnancy 1 VS. Pregnancy 2

Pregnancy 1 VS Pregnancy 2

Remember the scene in Wayne’s World when Wayne is looking at Cassandra and he takes turns closing one eye and then the other while repeating, ‘Camera one. Camera two. Camera one. Camera two.’? We see the same Cassandra but from those two very different vantage points. While it’s still the same image, taking the time to change the view makes for a silly but creative journey. You’re all doing this right now, aren’t you?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to practice this technique in every day life? Life is constantly offering us different views on the same topics, scenarios, and moments. If we take some time to discover new views, we might see something pretty wonderful. I’m taking time now to practice this in my second pregnancy.

Here is what I see:

Pregnancy 1: I took one pregnancy test on the day that I was supposed to get my period, just for giggles. When an extremely faint second line appeared I was all over Google images for hours to decide if I was really getting a positive pregnancy test.

Pregnancy 2: All three pregnancy tests I took within about 25 minutes of each other were so clearly positive that I should have made a commercial.

Pregnancy 1: I almost willed morning sickness on myself in order to fully experience being pregnant. Alas, I felt fine and never got sick once.

Pregnancy 2: I threw up every day for 4 weeks.

Pregnancy 1: The exhaustion of the first trimester was real but turned into a renewed energy during the second.

Pregnancy 2: There are no words for the exhaustion that plagues my body well into my second trimester.  Wait, there is one word…toddler.

Pregnancy 1: Is that a baby bump?

Pregnancy 2: Where are my toes?

Pregnancy 1: To my husband, ‘Look how cute these maternity pants are! I can’t wait to wear these. And, they’re only $90!’

Pregnancy 2: To Facebook, ‘Does anyone have any maternity clothes they’re willing to part with? Stains and rips not a concern. TIA!’

Pregnancy 1: ‘OOOOH, she’s moving! No! It’s not just gas! Never-mind. It was gas. Sorry.’

Pregnancy 2: ‘Gas. Gas. Gas. Kick. Gas. Gas.’

Pregnancy 1: Sonograms were so fast and there were so few!

Pregnancy 2: Was the 20 week anatomy scan THAT long the last time?

Pregnancy 1: Innie

Pregnancy 2: Outie

Then there are moments when the camera stops on an image. My thoughts zoom in to the wonderful moments that I had and that I am having being pregnant. Just this morning I felt baby boy kick and could see my lower abdomen move with his acrobatics. Although this is my husband’s 4th rodeo, his smile and excitement melts my heart. He immediately starts talking lacrosse moves to my expanding belly. And this same smile is his every time he sees our girls after a long day at work. Camera one, camera two on my husband depicts a man who loves his family.

While it seems this second pregnancy is much different, there are sneakingly similar emotions as well.

Pregnancy 1: Excitement and utter fear.

Pregnancy 2: Yes.

Pregnancy 1: Scrutinizing agony over my every move.

Pregnancy 2: Yes.

Pregnancy 1: Gratitude for the opportunity to carry and for the blessing of life and for my husband for joining this journey with me.

Pregnancy 2: 150% Yes.

I know many women pregnant with their second or third child right now. What are some differences and/or similarities that you have noticed from pregnancy to pregnancy?

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