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Kids Eat Free? In Syracuse? Yes, Please!


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As parents, there are many moments of joy. Our children’s first steps…their first words…their kindergarten graduation…and other milestones along the way. 

This might not be up there with many of these moments, but as a parent, there are other moments that can make us happy as well. Here is a list of local restaurants in Syracuse where…wait for it…KIDS EAT FREE or at a reduced price!!!  Dum, dum, dum (That was for dramatic effect!) 

And if you keeping reading until the end of this post, I will let you in on a secret way to find this kind of information out, without all the leg work (or phone work in my case), without the hassle, and with ease!

Can you see that I have been reading lots of posts about how to market your blog? I have. I’m guilty of it. But the good thing is, mine will not cost you a thing. Keep reading. I was just trying to suck you into reading the whole thing.    🙂 

I was looking for a topic to write about that is great for parents to know about and is also near and dear to my heart! I dislike cooking dinner every night and at times, we go out to eat. There is only two of us, so it is not too expensive anyway, but hey, free kids’ meals or discounted prices? I am in! Anytime you can save on the food budget AND still get a break from cooking and cleaning? That is a great plan. 

During my research, I found different sources on similar topics, and I compiled my list of local restaurants in the Syracuse area. And then it came down to confirming the information so I called every restaurant to verify the information. That cut my list by more than half. I had started out with twenty places that were mentioned in different articles but they were not Syracuse-based. Some of the places mentioned do not have that promotion anymore, some have changed it to a different day, and one place is not even in business anymore (which I did not realize). 

Generally, there are enough places on the list to get you started. And if you find any others, please feel free to comment on the bottom and share with the rest of us! We could all use a break sometimes. 

In alphabetical order: These are usually one adult dinner to one kid meal. There may be exceptions. Please check with your server. 

  • Denny’s Restaurants…Tuesday and Saturday from 4-10 (I was surprised by Saturdays actually)
  • Firehouse Subs…Tuesdays for $0.99
  • Friendlys…Wednesdays  (our favorite place, it’s like our own little Cheers–for those who know that reference and know US)
  • Kirbys…Monday and Tuesday
  • Moes…Tuesdays (Welcome to Moes)
  • Red Robin…Wednesdays for $1.99
  • Texas Roadhouse…Tuesdays for $1.99
  • Zebbs…All Day Sunday

A lot of these places have a special during the week, which is probably their slower times, and it helps their bottom line.

So, take advantage, avoid the hassle and grab your keys! 

Of course, if your child is too old for the kid menu, you are stuck paying for an adult meal. There are lots of places that have coupons though, so you may find some help there too. 

Check out Groupon also. They have some deals, for example, get $30.00 worth of food for $15.00. They have an app too. 

And speaking of apps…not appetizers though. Now that you have made it through to the end of my post, I discovered that there is an app for that. There is a KIDS EAT FREE APP! I downloaded it to my phone. When you click on the app, it tells you which restaurants have the deals, where they are located in regards to your location and  the deal information. There is even the phone number if you need it. 

You have got to love technology. So much information right at our fingertips. 

Bon appetit!

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