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Why Is It So Hard For Moms to Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

Hi! It’s me just checking in to see how all your pie-in-the-sky, unattainable, unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions are going! Have you lost those 20 pounds yet, started drinking half your weight in water every day and do you have all your $#&* together? Yeah me neither.

Why is it so hard for moms to keep New Year’s Resolutions? Uhhh, we have kids that’s why. My youngest said to me in late December “Hey, Mom, remember how you completely failed at keeping last year’s resolution?” Why no, Reason I Breathe, I don’t. Why don’t you enlighten me? “You were supposed to spend less time on your phone. And you didn’t. So you really have to do a better job this year.” Wow. That conversation ended with one of us in time out and the other one drinking wine directly from the bottle, but I digress. I did do a terrible job at staying off my phone this year. Want to know why? Because I have 4 sports apps, 2 school apps, my address book, my GPS, my texts, emails, recipes, medical information, and anything else I want to know ON MY PHONE. Kinda hard to stay off the one thing that manages our entire lives. So this year, I got smart and I decided to make a completely attainable, realistic, measurable goal. “Organize the house and all the stuff and people in it. Immediately.” What could go wrong?

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What went wrong was I kicked off the New Year with a vacation which meant I came home to a house full of Christmas decor longing to be put away, a sick kid, and a school district that decided one full day of school a week is sufficient for maintaining their state funding. Between snow days, two hour delays, sick days and just being exhausted, I have not made it very far on my resolution to organize all the things.

To inspire me, I started watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show about organization. Her method is to hold each item and see if it sparks joy. I held one of my ill-fitting, misshapen tank tops and it didn’t spark joy so I guess I have to toss it. Except if followed this method for all my clothes, I would have NOTHING TO WEAR except my wedding dress and some over the knee boots. Next time you come over I’ll be naked sitting on the floor with my dog because that’s the only thing in my home that sparks joy. I actually wasn’t aware I was supposed to be purchasing items with joy in mind. I thought usefulness was the whole point. Who knew?

I was telling my best friend how I was feeling so defeated living with three people who seem to be determined to store all their personal belongings on my kitchen counter and she said “Listen, I’ve just started incorporating squishies into my decor. Make it work.” I think that’s been the biggest adjustment for me as a mother. Living with other people’s stuff and mess and making it work. Having goals and then having them thwarted by sickness, days off, appointments and everyday life. Giving up your personal preferences for the happiness of the family as a whole. One day my house will be organized exactly the way I want, I’m sure. I mean, I have all of 2019 to get it looking the way I want, right? I don’t want my child to tell me in December “Remember how you totally failed at your new year’s resolution again, Mom?” So I will be taking it day by day, organizing one drawer at a time, and arranging squishies in a mason jar for my table centerpiece.

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