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When the Kids Stop Taking Up All Your Time, What Does?

My kids are 12 and 10.  These are fantastic ages for a lot of reasons, but these are also the ages when we can see an abundance of free time on the horizon. Right now, we’re running like mad from school to sports to lessons – and the kid’s social lives are slowly starting to take up more and more time on our schedule.  So for now, free time is pretty much an oxymoron but I can see how quickly the Hubs and I driving the kids here, there and everywhere will morph into them (or their friends) driving them.  Our hardcore, time-intensive parenting years are on the down slide.

I’m viewing this with a combination of excitement and terror. Instead of monthly date nights, soon date nights can happen any night as the kids are just a few short years away from being able to stay home alone. Nights of driving to friend’s houses and dances and games will give way to quiet nights, waiting for the kids to come home by curfew.

Soooooo…..what do we do with that time?

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After 17 years of marriage, what do we do with ourselves? I’m 99% sure we need to find a shared passion and activity, but I’m not entirely sure what that is. Neither one of us are arts and craft people and with his 5th knee surgery quickly approaching, skiing and/or dancing is most likely not on the the Hub’s short list of things to do. We do work out together – but that’s not really a hobby unless we want to get into hardcore weightlifting or competitions – but again: knee issues. I adore concerts and live music, but the Hub’s hate them. Neither one of us like cooking, but I’m pretty sure lessons is our only option left. If nothing else, we’ll reap the benefits of that at home!

As much as I love my husband, spending all our time together isn’t feasible, so I also need to find things to do for myself. Right now, spending all my free time laying around reading honestly sounds like the dream, but I have a feeling that may get a old after a while.  I have jobs I greatly enjoy but have no desire spending more time doing them – I need to find something that fills my soul.  And I don’t know what that looks like yet.

So tell me, what do you and your significant other do to stay connected and fill up your free time? Where do you volunteer to fill your soul?


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