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Should I Take My Family to Disney?

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I confess: I have never taken my kids to Disney. It is not that I have anything against Disney – it just felt a little overwhelming. There are so many choices –

Which park should we go to?

Should we go to Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Cruise, Adventures by Disney (I didn’t even realize that was a thing!!), or perhaps a trip at Aulani in Hawaii

When should we go?

Are there times that will be less busy? But if we go during those times, what will we miss out on??

Is a trip like this going to make us broke?

I am not made of money, you know…


At first I avoided the topic – and when the kids were little, it was easy. But over the years, it got tougher. Their friends started to go. And we would hear stories from our friends who go on a yearly basis. They would regale us with stories of rides and food and animals (and fireworks, and festivals and parades…)

I have had friends plan it meticulously for a year and include their kids in that planning process.

I have had friends completely surprise their kids by telling them only on the day they were leaving. I will admit, it was super cute to watch the videos of these lucky kids as they found out that they were headed to the Magic Kingdom.

I have looked at countless pictures of excited kids, and truth-be-told, excited parents. I am starting to suspect that we are missing out on a huge cultural experience.

I could certainly try to cobble together a week or two Disney vacation. But I know it would take me untold hours on the computer and phone. I could listen to my friends’ recommendations (which may or may not reflect the current deals) and hope that I dug up all the best information. But I can already feel my enthusiasm fading as I think about doing all of that. And there goes my kids’ chance of experiencing the quintessential American vacation.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way.




So for us parents who wilt at the mere thought of diving into planning a Disney vacation – fret not! Pixie Vacations has your back. Lisa and Steve Griswold were both past cast members – and having lived, worked and played there. They know all the ins and outs. And they will help you plan and book your trip at no additional cost – in fact, you might even save a bit of money as they know what all the current deals are as well as all the fun free activities in the park! And here is the best part – their services don’t cost you a thing.

So even though my family has not yet gone to Disney,  I know we have not missed our chance as there are great experiences for toddlers to teenagers to adults. And Pixie Vacations will make sure we don’t miss a thing!

And now it is even easier. Are there any must-do attractions your family loved? Let us know in the comments!

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