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Pump the Brakes on Broken Promises

I have almost never kept promises to myself. It’s so easy to ignore or overlook the disappointment when it’s self-inflicted. You can understand and reason with the ‘why’ of the broken promise. You can excuse yourself and tell yourself it wasn’t a big deal.

In the fall of last year, I read Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face. Some of the stuff in it was really corny and she was definitely sporting her strongest cheerleader (writing) voice. But! It had some very solid takeaways. My favorite takeaway being the need to stop breaking promises to ourselves.

In the second chapter of her book she makes the point that we distrust and lose respect for people who break promises in our outside lives. Whether they are flaking on us for a date or constantly going back on their diet/exercise plans; when we see them break promises we lose faith in them. This same concept applies to our inner self. Your brain will learn distrust and lose respect for you when you fail it time and time again.

Moms! We are SOOOOO guilty of this. We tell ourselves so many things that we want to follow through on; only to turn around and break our own hearts for the umpteenth time.


I challenge you ladies to start small. Pick one promise that you will stick with and keep that promise every chance you get. Maybe you are going to promise to make time for yourself to take a bubble bath at least once a week. Maybe it’s promising yourself to stay off social media and be present in the moment. Maybe it’s promising yourself to stop engaging in unhealthy relationships and bad habits. 

For me, I had to promise myself I’d stop burning-out.
I am very prone to burnouts. Emotional. Mental. Physical. I push myself past the point of no return and pay for it in such a harsh way.
After reading Rachel’s book in November, I promised myself that I would no longer push myself to the point of a burnout. I made a promise to Me to protect my well-being by saying ‘no’ to the things that will bleed me dry.

And let me tell you… My life has changed for the better!
Have I had to miss out on things I was really looking forward to doing? Yes, I have.
Have I also gone months feeling better mentally/emotionally than I have in YEARS! You bet I have!!

Ladies, we have to make ourselves a priority. How else can we be the best version of ourselves for the people we love? We can give them SO MUCH MORE if we pause to give love and respect to ourselves first.

So, again, I throw down the gauntlet!

I challenge you to make yourself a promise after you finish reading this. Write it down. Draw it up. Tell an accountability partner. Whatever works for you.
You make that promise and do everything you can to keep it. It will be the first step in never breaking another promise to yourself again. And, I promise you, you will love yourself so much for it.

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