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It’s National Hobby Month!


Having a hobby is great! It gives you something to take pride and joy in without it being a responsibility. Hobbies were a way of life a long time ago. Women would devote hours to learning calligraphy, cross stitch, or quilt making. But, I feel like in our time of TV, smartphones, and online shopping that there is less want for people to have a hobby. 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hobby as ‘a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.’

I don’t know about you guys… But I NEED to relax after the 2018 I had.
During just the summertime, my youngest had pink eye, gave me pink eye, and then also got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. My older two went through changes in their home lives that are not typical of kids their age. We moved into a new apartment….. You guys can relate, I’m sure. It’s been quite a stressful year.

Us moms are the glue that hold our families together. We work so hard for everyone else’s happiness; but what about ours? Sometimes as moms we feel like we don’t have time for ourselves or, as a result, we don’t have time for our hobbies. But we should definitely make time for them. Having a hobby is so great and can be a form of self-care.

Some of my hobbies are writing, crochet, and reading. My mom and another friend of mine both do watercolor paintings as their hobbies. But! Not all hobbies are creative. Some people go to a shooting range or batting cages as their hobby. Some people exercise or go for a run. For some people, watching TV IS their hobby. 
Basically, the only requirements your hobby has to meet to match up to the definition is that it has to be something outside of your normal day-to-day work and it needs to be something you use to relax or relieve stress. 
Video games. Puzzles. Drinking tea or coffee. Collecting antiques. Playing an instrument (even if you’re bad at it). Photography. Baking or cooking. Fishing. Rock climbing! The possibilities are endless!!!

Need some help finding your hobby? Click here to see a list of over 100 hobby ideas sorted out by personality and lifestyle!

As we head into this new year, I challenge each one of you reading this to either find a hobby that is just right for you or devote more time to your current hobbies to bring more relaxation into your life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my crochet hooks and massive stash of yarn are calling me. 

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