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Finding Your Niche

There are stages and phases that we transition through in life. This is how we learn, grow and weather the storm of change. Since becoming a mother, life has changed more than I could have ever imagined. You think you know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself into, but in reality, you have no idea. You learn quickly as a parent that even though you’re in charge, you’re really just along for the ride. Priorities and relationships change. Some for the better and some for the worst. 

Finding your new niche as a mother is one of the most mentally, physically and challenging aspects of parenthood. It’s not just about finding your tribe. It’s about embracing the good days and surviving the bad. It’s learning to come to terms with, accept and heal the body that you’re now living in. Relearning self love at such a pivotal time in life. It’s about nurturing a new relationship with a tiny human (or humans) you feel as though you’ve known and loved your entire life. It’s watching and supporting your partner adapt to their new normal. Not to mention, dropping the weight of old drama in various relationships and prioritizing what truly has meaning.  It’s so much more than just having a baby.

The journey of motherhood is different for us all. For some it’s handled with grace and ease, while others face a never ending uphill battle. Far to often, many forget that we’re all in this together and that it truly takes a village. Finding your new niche is even more challenging when social norms in this digital world add an aspect of both self and social conflict previous generations could not prepare us for. This added element of self doubt can wreak havoc on even the most strong willed women. There are very few things that can cut you to your core like a bunch of opinionated virtual moms or unrealistic images depicting motherhood. It makes it so easy to forget that there’s a uniqueness to us all, parenting styles included.

Finding, adapting and thriving in your niche as a parent takes thick skin. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable to truly allow your core values to shine. Finding your stride amongst the chaos and learning to stand your ground is no easy feat. Mastering these skills without ignorance, attitude, or self absorption will ultimately lead you to your new niche. This is parenting at its realist. Embrace the challenge, learn from the faults and cherish the success. Accomplishing this does not allow you to find your niche, it allows you to create it.


4 Responses to Finding Your Niche

  1. Sally
    Sally September 11, 2018 at 8:08 am #

    This is so true and exactly how i felt and still feel about becoming a parent!

  2. Avatar
    Kyle September 13, 2018 at 8:13 am #

    I’m so glad you can relate! Parenting definitely teaches us a lot about ourselves as we raise a family.

  3. Avatar
    Nancy Ellis September 17, 2018 at 4:16 pm #

    Kyle, I stumbled upon this blog. I am so proud of you and admire you immensely. Motherhood is the greatest thing on earth. Your kids are blessed. I would love to meet them somsday!

  4. Avatar
    Kyle Tucci October 1, 2018 at 10:39 pm #

    Thank you, Nancy! That means a lot and I can’t wait for you to meet all three kids. Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later!

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