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4 Reminders for a Job hunting SAHP

So I have had the great chance to stay home with our daughter for the last 3 years.  It has been the most wonderful thing I have ever done with my life.  And of course the Hardest!! We have managed on a very tight budget with not a lot of extras and really trying to be thrifty.  But alas we have an expense that doesn’t fit into our tight budget (a new vehicle).  So here in lies the money situation.  Momma needs to get a job. 

So I started searching and believe me there was a lot to shift through- which was great there were so many options out there. I applied to a few and still haven’t heard back from a couple.  But then I came upon a job that looked like a perfect fit for what I was looking for.  A job close to my home when the hours will be when my husband is home.  Not a full time job, just something to add a little extra cash.  So I applied.  And then I got the phone call for an Interview.  My first thought was “YES!!!”. My second thought was “What am I going to wear???”

Resume: Find it and Format it

Let me back up a step because I forgot 1 important aspect that had me researching even before I applied.  Resume.  My resume hadn’t been touched in …I’m not even sure, 8 years maybe.  So I searched in my email for my resume and had to fix that up a little bit.  I googled what a current resume looks like and made sure mine was looking good and had all the information on it from my last job.  

There is no way to put your experience as a SAHP (Stay at Home Parent) on a resume except as a gap of time you have to explain in your interview or cover letter.  However I feel it is the most important job you will ever have and you learn so much from that time.  A SAHP  literally keeps people alive and can multitask like a freakin beast! So never be embarrassed that you have this gap in employment because really you have just worked 365 days a year 24 hours a day with minimal lunch breaks for however many years you stayed home with your children. 

*As a little side note I feel like I need to explain why my resume was in my email.  A lot changes over the years.  Computers, flash drives, phones, but one thing that stays consistent is email.  So I email my resume to myself and never delete it and search for it when I need it, even 8 years later it was still in my email.  So locating it was a cinch and I didn’t have to try to recreate it- which would have been a nightmare.*

Clothing: Be Comfortable Yet Professional

It has been about 3 years since I have worked outside the home.  I quit my previous job shortly after I delivered our daughter.  So the last nice clothes I had are…. I have no idea I was in maternity clothes the last time I worked….  So I had to dig for something to wear and of course nothing  in the dusty storage bin fit.  And that is O.K! 

The last thing I wanted to do was fret about not fitting into my size 8 work pants from 4 years ago and try to squeeze into them.  If I had attempted to force myself into those clothes not only would I have been SOOOO uncomfortable I would spend more time fretting about how much my body has changed and how uncomfortable I was.  And that would have shown negatively in my interview.  Yes I had to go out and purchase a few new things but it was totally worth it to be comfortable and look professional.

I’m not saying wear your most comfortable sweatshirt.  What I am trying to convey is to wear clothes that fit you properly and dress for the job. Wear something that you would plan to wear in a normal day for that job or if you can dress a little more formal for the interview.  Then that way you can gauge in the interview how formal everyone dresses and have the attire discussion. 


When I finally got a call for an interview, I was so nervous and excited. I looked up a lot of stuff to try and ready my self for potential interview questions.  This actually got me more excited.  So the day of the interview I swear my every fiber was vibrating with excitement.  I wanted this job so bad because not only does the job sound awesome (working in a library) but it fit perfectly with what I was looking for (hours wise).

Just remember to BREATHE. Again you have kept little people alive and fed -You can handle anything!

Apply Apply Apply

It is time consuming to fill out multiple applications and search for a job that fits what you are looking for. I spent hours searching through the job adds and I applied to multiple places.  Some didn’t get back to me at all.  But it is part of the hustle.  

Good Luck Friends!


End Note: I got the job!

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