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The Second Time Around

In just a few short days two-thirds of my heart turn one. The countdown is on as each second passes quicker than the last. The second time around I find myself constantly reflecting on the magnitude of this milestone and how much more it truly represents as our two youngest, the grande finale of our family, take their final crawl of infancy and step into toddlerhood. 

The second time around for our family was vastly different than the first for oh so many reasons. Never did I ever imagine that I’d be this mother. The mother of twins. The mother of three young children. The emotional mama longing for the life altering recent past, attempting to survive the present, yet so eager for the days and years to come.  

How does such a pivotal season of life pass at such astonishing speed? I’ll forever cherish this season with all its ups and downs in a way that outshines so many others. The triumph, the love, the overwhelmingness and elation has been stitched into every fiber of my being. The second time around has transformed the woman and mother I was, currently am and will ultimately become. 

So to all the parents in the trenches of a recently expanded family or those reminiscing about their final first milestones, never forget the magic of the second time around. 

There’s something to be said about the second time around. If it’s possible to be harder yet easier, messier yet cleaner and crazier but more fun all rolled up together, then yes; that’s the second time around. 

The second time around strikes the keys to a well practiced song. The melody is a little off key but it’s a familiar tune that makes the heart dance. The tears flow a little more easily and dry a little quicker all while the smiles shine a little brighter the second time around.

The bumps along the road remain uneven the second time around. Different obstacles on different paths. Uncharted and well traveled routes entangling one another. More in attendance to account for the second time around. 

The second time around is a well loved blanket of familiarity that gently covers the array of personalities that lie beneath. It’s sprinkled with challenges old and new alike. It’s a reawakening of the soul the second time around.

Time is a greater thief the second time around. It steals cherished moments unfolding before the eyes and locks them into memories. It’s the melting of inexperience and experience into a whole. Hitting the ground running and not looking back. Survival of the fittest the second time around. 

The second time around is not for the faint of heart. Initial woes are replaced with nervousness of not producing enough love and inadequate attention. There’s a rawness to life the second time around. 

The second time around produces more love than imaginable, builds bonds that are unmatchable and defies all the odds. There’s more to love, more to fear, more to cherish and hold dear the second time around.

So as the first year closes this second time around, the most wonderful, rewarding, challenging and heart filling days settle into place because there’s truly no other experience like the second time around.

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  1. Susan Lindsley
    Susan Lindsley April 8, 2019 at 3:14 pm #

    Aw, enjoy this time! Too sweet, well three sweet, really! It goes so fast. I remember my child at that age, and then 3, then 5, and mine just turned 11. Try to hold on and don’t let them grow up too fast. Just a precious time!

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