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Fun Lunch Ideas For Kids

Fun Lunch Ideas for KidsIt started out just like it sounds, as a fun lunch. As in singular. As in, I just happened to be looking in a drawer and spotted the dinosaur sandwich cutter impulse buy from months before, and I thought “I’m going to surprise her today!” She was surprised alright. I think the moment I knew I was in trouble was when her eyes lit up and after pronouncing me “The best mommy in the world!” she excitedly inquired, “I wonder what fun lunch I’m getting tomorrow?!” Uh, come again?

11032076_10153347773205739_7730755586571249693_nRESThe one that started it all.
PB&J dinosaur sandwich, cukes, yellow squash and string cheese.

Thus, my journey into fun lunches began, and soon I was enjoying it just as much as her. Some were inspired by other bloggers:

IMG_1726 copybSnowman Bagel
Bagel, cream cheese, blueberries, carrot, strawberry, veggie sticks, and a cucumber peel.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetCroissant Crab
Croissant, chicken salad, oat cereal, strawberries, pineapple and string cheese.

Others were inspired by things that we were reading or studying in school:

IMG_2358 copy2Ten Apples Up On Top
Cherries, people shaped finger sandwiches (I used a ginger bread man cookie cutter), and raw spinach.
I’m pretty proud of this one.

IMG_9633 copyEveryone Poops
Dinosaur shaped sandwich, dill pickle, prunes, string cheese, and raisins.
(This may seem gross to us grown-ups, but I promise your kid will think it’s hilarious!)

IMG_1711 copyRESWhen we learned about Rainbows
Strawberries, carrots, pineapple, cukes, blueberries, grapes, and marshmallows.

IMG_1886 copyWhen we studied Polar Bears
A fish shaped tuna sandwich (I didn’t have a cutter for this, I just freehanded it) and blueberries.

Others I created just because they were cute ::

upInspired by the movie UP!
Sandwich with the sides trimmed and used as the roof, string cheese and grapes cut in half.

IMG_2289 copyFunny Face
Turkey corndog, carrots, raw spinach, and cherries.

IMG_0276 copyFenced In
Flower shaped finger sandwiches, grapes, celery, kale leaves, and string cheese.

IMG_9542 copyAutumn Harvest
Apples, Crackers, and cheddar cheese cut into autumn themed shapes.
(I love the hand. This is an actual candid moment. She got a little impatient!)

IMG_9788 copyTurkey in a Bush
Circle shaped sandwich, carrot sticks, veggie rice and corn puffs, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate morsels, and an almond.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetHappy Flower
Circle shaped sandwich, grape halves, carrot stick, strawberry slices, and raw spinach.

When I first started making these lunches I would get stressed out if they didn’t turn out the way I planned, which just sounds silly now. They’re called fun lunches for a reason, because they’re supposed to be fun. Now I just use whatever I have on hand. Some are winners, some are not, but she’s six. Kids really aren’t that hard to please at this age. I guarantee whatever you make will be “the best thing EVER” in their eyes!

I would love to hear your fun lunch ideas for your kids!

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