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Staycation! Top Attractions to Bring Your Children on School Breaks



It is February already and the school year is flying by. It feels like we just had the Christmas break, put the holiday decorations away and here we are already…the next school break.

Where to go? Florida? The Carolinas? Caribbean? Syracuse? Wait, what? Syracuse?

Yes, the Salt City can be an ideal place to vacation, or staycation, as the case may be.

Not everyone has the means to fly to tropical locales during the school breaks. It would be nice to get away from the weather but if you are staying here, there are many great places you can take your children and have a great time, even with the chilly temperatures.

You probably know most of these places but here is a handy, dandy list you can use. They usually have vacation specials, or programs during the school breaks. Some even have camps during the school breaks as well. And I even included the links to their websites to make it easy for you to have a great week with your children.




I hope that you can find someplace on this list that you can enjoy. There is a cost for most of them, and that will vary from place to place. You can click on the links for more details ahead of time.

You also can google the places + coupons and see if you can find online discounts.

Another place to find good deals is Groupon. I have put the names of attractions in the Groupon search bar to see if there are any current deals.

Personally, I let my daughter pick two places to go to during the school breaks.

There will always be more free time that you will have to fill so you can work your way down the list, plus some of the destinations vary on the age of the children.

With the extensive list provided, I trust you will find something to do to get through the week. Enjoy!


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