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You know you’re a boring couple when…

Couple time at the grocery store. It's exciting to us.

Couple time at the grocery store. It’s exciting to us.

The husband and I have become a boring couple. With the kids off to school and the two of us home, we had the opportunity to do couple things – like go grocery shopping. The hubs saw a hot deal on strip steaks at Price Chopper, so we decided to go to Price Chopper on Erie Boulevard. For all you exciting couples out there who don’t get the exciting part of this, let me tell you what you’re missing.

Let’s do couple things – like go to the grocery store
As soon as the kids are on the bus, we hop in the car and head out to save money. We get on the boulevard and hubs is complaining about traffic. “That jerk is right on my tail,” he says. So I offer that if maybe he would drive the speed limit, people wouldn’t follow so closely. But this does not help.

“Do you want to drive?” he asks. 

When we pull into the parking lot, I, helpfully, point out a parking spot, while asking him where he’s going.

“Do you wanna drive?” he asks again. 

When we enter the store, I wonder out loud where the meat department is and someone makes a joke about meat. Because he’s 12. 

As we wander the aisles and marvel at chopped prices, we spot the meat department and gaze at several packages marked with orange stickers. 

“I can’t believe the prices in here. What a great deal,” hubs says. 

“I think their meat prices are fabulous,” I say. 

“You said meat again.”

“You said fabulous.” 

When we’re done gazing at cellophane packages, we pay for our merchandise, pick up our bags and head to the car. Once inside, we buckle up and look at each other, smiling and satisfied, because we saved money. Then hub starts up the truck and Neil Diamond comes on the radio. He’s singing. “Sweet Caroliiine…bah, bah, bah!”

“I love this song.”

“Me too.”

As we pull out of the parking lot, we see a gray haired couple pushing a shopping cart. I think I see a pack of strip steaks peaking out of their grocery bags. 

“See that? That’s me and you,” hubs says.

“They look happy,” I say. 

Neil Diamond is still singing, “Good time never seemed so good ….” It is a good time, thanks, in part, to Neil Diamond.

With such a successful start to our day, hub gets inspired and asks me, “Want to go to Home Depot?”

“Hell, yeah,” I say.

When “Sweet Caroline” is over, the Eagles come on. Yes, we were listening to “The Dinosaur” (96.9 if you didn’t already know).

While we’re on the road, hub says, “Some guy’s on my tail again.”

So I respond with “That’s because the speed limit is..” But then I stop myself and I let him drive and listen to the Eagles welcome us to the Hotel California. “Such a lovely place…”

Someday, you exciting couples will know what I’m talking about. But if you’re already grocery shopping together and you get excited, this one’s for you:

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