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#toddlerlogic (or, a little advice on speaking Toddler)

Before having kids, I had no idea how complicated the English language could be. When not mommying, I’m a linguist trained in nine languages plus dialects–but learning to speak Toddler remains my proudest language-related accomplishment. The challenge Toddler poses is not the unusual syntax, the unique pronunciation, or the rampant pronoun confusion, but the surprisingly significant […]

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Library Story-Time – It’s More Than Books

My oldest was born in Tennessee, but Syracuse is where I “became a mom.” Until my daughter was fifteen months old, we lived in temporary domestic locations or outside the US, so it wasn’t until we landed in CNY for the long term that I had the opportunity or inclination to seek out other mothers […]

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The Sound of Silence

The Sounds of Silence

There’s nothing more terrifying as a mother than listening to your kids do nothing. You’re washing dishes, you cock an ear and…nothing? Sure enough, junior’s eating potting soil again. Or that time when you oversleep your alarm, you wait for the toddler’s squawk and…nothing? It’s bad enough that she’s playing in toilet water–how did she get out […]

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