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Talking to your kids about current events

How to Talk to Your Kids about Current Events – When the News is “R”-Rated

Turn on the news these days and it is a horror show. From natural disasters to manmade ones, there is a lot to process for adults, let alone our children. I grew up in a household of truth telling and information sharing. Raised by two journalists in Washington D.C., with differing political views, our dinner […]

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The Sound of Silence

The Sounds of Silence

There’s nothing more terrifying as a mother than listening to your kids do nothing. You’re washing dishes, you cock an ear and…nothing? Sure enough, junior’s eating potting soil again. Or that time when you oversleep your alarm, you wait for the toddler’s squawk and…nothing? It’s bad enough that she’s playing in toilet water–how did she get out […]

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