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toddler - outside BW

#toddlerlogic (or, a little advice on speaking Toddler)

Before having kids, I had no idea how complicated the English language could be. When not mommying, I’m a linguist trained in nine languages plus dialects–but learning to speak Toddler remains my proudest language-related accomplishment. The challenge Toddler poses is not the unusual syntax, the unique pronunciation, or the rampant pronoun confusion, but the surprisingly significant […]

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One of my more hilarious breastfeeding experiences

Nostalgic for the moment

It’s been seven days since I breastfed my son for the last time. It wasn’t unexpected. My son is eighteen months. He was only eating in the mornings and my milk supply was already low. My husband and I are going to Puerto Rico in a few weeks without our kids to celebrate our anniversary, […]

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Disney On Ice “Worlds of Enchantment”

Here in Syracuse, from December 13th to the 16th, we are being enchanted by the beautiful spectacle that is Disney On Ice “Worlds of Enchantment.” With friends that we all know and love, including Mickey and Minnie as the smiling hosts, it is guaranteed to bring delight and joy to anyone who sees it. There […]

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stage curtain

The joys of parenting

Last night was a big night for me. It wasn’t a fancy date night or a night out with the girls or a solid nine hours of sleep (someday that will happen, right?) Last night, I took my son to see his first musical. While I can’t claim to be the biggest musical lover in […]

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