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Pump the Brakes on Broken Promises

I have almost never kept promises to myself. It’s so easy to ignore or overlook the disappointment when it’s self-inflicted. You can understand and reason with the ‘why’ of the broken promise. You can excuse yourself and tell yourself it wasn’t a big deal. In the fall of last year, I read Rachel Hollis’ Girl, […]

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One of my more hilarious breastfeeding experiences

Nostalgic for the moment

It’s been seven days since I breastfed my son for the last time. It wasn’t unexpected. My son is eighteen months. He was only eating in the mornings and my milk supply was already low. My husband and I are going to Puerto Rico in a few weeks without our kids to celebrate our anniversary, […]

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Library Story-Time – It’s More Than Books

My oldest was born in Tennessee, but Syracuse is where I “became a mom.” Until my daughter was fifteen months old, we lived in temporary domestic locations or outside the US, so it wasn’t until we landed in CNY for the long term that I had the opportunity or inclination to seek out other mothers […]

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