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Making space for grief

Let’s be honest: last night sucked. It started out great. We were at a party with a whole bunch of friends, people I really enjoy. I was having great conversations with folks and my kids were having a blast. It was a beautiful day and being outside felt like a gift. Towards the end of […]

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Library Story-Time – It’s More Than Books

My oldest was born in Tennessee, but Syracuse is where I “became a mom.” Until my daughter was fifteen months old, we lived in temporary domestic locations or outside the US, so it wasn’t until we landed in CNY for the long term that I had the opportunity or inclination to seek out other mothers […]

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Veterans Day 2018 in CNY

Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday, observed annually on November 11, that honors military veterans; that is, persons who served in the United States Armed Forces. (Source: Wikipedia) In the Syracuse area, there are several organizations holding events to honor and celebrate veterans, to include the CNY Veterans Parade and Expo at […]

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Adventures in Mom-Dating

My first foray into dating as a mom was pretty awkward. I’m pretty sure my palms did not sweat, but my voice definitely shook, so it didn’t help that I was probably talking a little too loudly, as if to convince myself that I was doing something normal. Because all married women ask other married […]

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Why You Need Mom Friends

Why We Need Mommy Groups

After the birth of my first daughter, I experienced a gamut of emotions. I was elated, terrified, overwhelmed, tired, emotional, fascinated; all of these things and more. However, more than anything else, I was lonely. My husband had to go back to work one week after we brought Layla home and all of my friends […]

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You're Not Special

You’re not Special

“You’re not special” I know. It sounds harsh, unsupportive and mean-spirited. That’s not my intention. It’s my way of saying, “Yep, we’re all feeling it, living it, surviving it, and striving for it.” It’s pretty much my stock answer whenever one of the parents of my students shows up looking defeated after a 45 minute negotiation with their 4 […]

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Mothering Without A Mother

Mothering Without A Mother

The day after my second daughter was born, I called my mother on the phone. Our conversation went something like this: Her: Hello? Me: Hi, Mom. It’s Emily. Her: Oh. Uh, hi. Me: How are you? Her: Fine. What’s up Me: Oh, I’m fine, thanks… actually, doing pretty well! I’m just calling to let you […]

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My Mom Is My Squad

My Mom is My “Squad”

Social media strikes again, because there seems to be a thing about “mom squads” or  “tribes” that makes me feel like I need to be a part of one. I guess I should be surrounding myself with like-minded friends who are also moms, to make me feel like I can take on the world, when […]

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Where Have My Friends Gone

Where Have My Friends Gone?

Scrolling through my photos on Facebook I go from the current photo of my 9 month old eating blueberries and pear cubes in her high chair, to cute photos of her, milestones, and the first photo of her in the pink and blue hospital receiving blanket. I continue scrolling through pregnancy belly updates, ultrasounds, wedding photos, […]

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