Passionate About Central New York
and the Moms Who Live Here
Photo by The Virtual Denise (Pixabay)

A Love Letter to Myself

I turned 40 years old a couple of months ago and I kept waiting for some big soul-shaking revelation or midlife crisis or both. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to this birthday because 40 feels not young anymore, and yet not old either. It is a midway point in our lives and […]

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toddler - outside BW

#toddlerlogic (or, a little advice on speaking Toddler)

Before having kids, I had no idea how complicated the English language could be. When not mommying, I’m a linguist trained in nine languages plus dialects–but learning to speak Toddler remains my proudest language-related accomplishment. The challenge Toddler poses is not the unusual syntax, the unique pronunciation, or the rampant pronoun confusion, but the surprisingly significant […]

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Pump the Brakes on Broken Promises

I have almost never kept promises to myself. It’s so easy to ignore or overlook the disappointment when it’s self-inflicted. You can understand and reason with the ‘why’ of the broken promise. You can excuse yourself and tell yourself it wasn’t a big deal. In the fall of last year, I read Rachel Hollis’ Girl, […]

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two hearts

Date Night Saved My Marriage

As we turn our calendar pages to February, many couples at least start to think about their plans for Valentine’s Day. I am not a Valentine’s Day person (it’s a long story for another time!) and I hate Prix Fixe menus so we never go out for Valentine’s Day on the actual day itself. For […]

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Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

I’ve lived in the Syracuse area for most of my 32 years of life. The only exception being four years in college, but Binghamton is not much different when it comes to winter weather. So after 32 years, I should be used to our long winters. Slippery roads. Below zero temperatures. Icy winds whipping snow […]

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interview- word cloud

4 Reminders for a Job hunting SAHP

So I have had the great chance to stay home with our daughter for the last 3 years.  It has been the most wonderful thing I have ever done with my life.  And of course the Hardest!! We have managed on a very tight budget with not a lot of extras and really trying to […]

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Living in Holland

  A mass email came from my children’s school last week. I opened it to read a lot of information about the upcoming scheduling process for current seventh-graders, like my son John. And somewhere in my stomach-heart area, there was a familiar jolt. It was one I hadn’t felt for a long time, I realized, […]

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mini tent in snow

Snow Days Like the Red Tent

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am lobbying to bring back the Red Tent, a celebration of our womanhood each month. A physical space where women can retreat from their regular grind. A time to disconnect from the world and connect with their bodies, fully honoring what they need. If women […]

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The Power of the banned question

The Power of the Banned Question

I strive to be open to most any question or topic with my children as well as my husband. Want to talk about puberty? I got this, struggling with tough emotions, you have my ear. Friend troubles? Check, mad at me? Let’s hash it out! These conversations are not always easy, but I try.  Recently, […]

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