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Thinking Outside Ourselves

        It is December. The weather is getting yucky! Unfortunately, winter has decided to come early to Syracuse so it is cold and snowy already. Since it is December, we are running around, rushing to the stores, staying up later, making sure we have everything on our list before the holidays are upon us. And […]

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For My Daughter

  “Not Flesh of My Flesh, Nor Bone of My Bone But Ultimately the Greatest Love I’ve Ever Known”   My mini-me in more ways than one. My clone, or sometimes my clown. My beautiful, spirited, sassy, caring, sweet, amazing child whose eyes can bring tears to my eyes in a minute when I look […]

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Household hacks or hype?

Household hacks or hype?    Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook? Dumb question, of course! We have all scrolled through Facebook, right? They have lots of suggested posts and different articles that pop up on your news feed. I guess there is a fancy algorithm that uses our data and history to send us […]

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