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mini tent in snow

Snow Days Like the Red Tent

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am lobbying to bring back the Red Tent, a celebration of our womanhood each month. A physical space where women can retreat from their regular grind. A time to disconnect from the world and connect with their bodies, fully honoring what they need. If women […]

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Living in a Material World…with Kids

I’ve joked about paying the manager of Target a $25 co-pay after I spend a quiet hour perusing their isles alone. After all, it is my therapy. A coffee in hand, a childless red cart ready to be filled…I feel the dopamine release with each step.  To be fair, a good run has the same […]

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Finding the right preschool…for you and your child

  Private daycares and preschools are incredibly expensive. Parents are spending what may add up to a second mortgage to get their child into the right program that fits their family’s needs.  It can be especially daunting for parents whose child may have never left their home environment. Logistics, tuition, size of the program, and […]

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To Share or Not to Share

From a young age we are programed to think that “sharing is caring”. But is it really? I mean, can’t we be compassionate, respectful, loving human beings and NOT offer up a bite of our brownie sundae at every request? My friend Lauren once told me that ordering dessert made her extremely anxious. Not because […]

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You're Not Special

You’re not Special

“You’re not special” I know. It sounds harsh, unsupportive and mean-spirited. That’s not my intention. It’s my way of saying, “Yep, we’re all feeling it, living it, surviving it, and striving for it.” It’s pretty much my stock answer whenever one of the parents of my students shows up looking defeated after a 45 minute negotiation with their 4 […]

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Traditions Shraditions

Traditions Shraditions

What are some of your favorite family traditions? Are they the ones from your childhood? Have you created new or modern variations? I grew up in a big, Italian-American family: Catholic, food-centric and tradition-heavy. My Visioni family traditions were an instrumental  part of my upbringing. They helped me to become who I am today: a hairy, […]

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Documentation of Grievances

Documentarian of Grievances

I’ve always found it interesting the way women express themselves. Some women quietly maneuver throughout their world while others (like me) need a microphone to express every last detail. My older sister definitely falls into the silent category. She has this ability to be quietly accepting of what life presents while never complaining. She simply […]

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