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My Mom Is My Squad

My Mom is My “Squad”

Social media strikes again, because there seems to be a thing about “mom squads” or  “tribes” that makes me feel like I need to be a part of one. I guess I should be surrounding myself with like-minded friends who are also moms, to make me feel like I can take on the world, when […]

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Breast Pumps and Boarding Passes

Breast Pumps and Boarding Passes

My pumping days are behind me. I harbor no sadness in that. I pumped for both of my boys for about 10 months each (but nursed them until they were 15 months and 12 months, respectively). Pumping still ranks as my least favorite mom activity, ever (I will gladly change all the blowouts, and clean up […]

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Through My Daughters Eyes

Through My Daughter’s Eyes

As parents, when something is wrong with our kids, all we want is an answer so that we can fix the problem and move on. After months of thorough tests and not knowing what was making our eight year old daughter so physically ill, we finally received our answer. The diagnosis: Severe Anxiety; Social, Separation and General. I immediately felt […]

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