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For The Mommy In The Midst of Potty Training

For The Mommy In The Midst of Potty Training

“Mommy, why I no catch my pee pee?” It is at this very moment, as my toddler frantically claps his hands mid-stream, that I want to formally extend my sympathies to all mommies, daddies and family members ditching the diapers in order to learn how to properly pee everywhere, and on any thing, that is […]

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The Struggle Is So Real

It’s a hot and lovely Central New York day. We are trying to decide where to go get ice cream. A treat to ourselves because it’s so unbearably hot. “Sno Top or Gannon’s?” I ask. “Deciding between the two? The struggle is so real,” he says. We say it all the time, jokingly, and we laugh. […]

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Why You Need Mom Friends

Why We Need Mommy Groups

After the birth of my first daughter, I experienced a gamut of emotions. I was elated, terrified, overwhelmed, tired, emotional, fascinated; all of these things and more. However, more than anything else, I was lonely. My husband had to go back to work one week after we brought Layla home and all of my friends […]

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What We Tell Our Kids About Politics

My husband and I are big political nerds. I have a master’s in politics and, as a member of the U.S. Air Force, my husband swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution, so he has a very real interest in how the Constitution is currently being interpreted. Of course, we’ll stay up late and […]

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