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8 Rules for Living with Teenagers

8 Rules for Living with Teenagers

Advice on teenagers. Shyeah. I had my doubts about a post like this. I’m no expert. But sometimes, the following rules work pretty well. Most of the time. Well, part of the time. Eh. Anyways… 8 Rules for Living with Teenagers: Do not try to engage your teenage son in conversation before the bus. He […]

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Refuses to eat her own french toast. Asks me seven times for a bite of mine.

Five Inadvertent Weight Loss Tactics Created By My Kids

I’m no stranger to small children trying to eat, touch, use, or break anything enjoyable that comes across my path. It’s part of the job description. Eating ice cream? Time to hide in the darkest corner of your kitchen. Putting pictures in photo albums? Only if you have seven decoy prints for the kids to […]

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The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour: A Scary Parenting Story

Things go bump in the night. Oh, wait. That’s me. Because I can’t sleep. Every night, I wake up. Sometimes I wake up at midnight. Other times, I wake up at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. I turn over. I close my eyes. But I can’t fall back to sleep. The witching hours begin. In […]

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Fasulo Photography

Losing My Cool

I am a teacher. Like my 5 year old daughter says, I teach “the big kids”, junior and senior English and Creative Writing. I am surrounded by teenagers daily who teach me all sorts of things about the world; mainly they keep me relatively hip to current pop culture and social media phenomenons that I […]

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Why Moms Are Always in a Rush

Why Moms Are Always in a Rush

Before motherhood I was, ya know, a woman who didn’t have any children. I lived alone, I worked three jobs, I slept in, and was super wreckless at Target. I’d get annoyed when there were extra family spaces at Wegmans, and I was waiting for the day when I’d snap after getting run down by a […]

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Pregnancy 1 VS Pregnancy 2

Pregnancy 1 VS. Pregnancy 2

Remember the scene in Wayne’s World when Wayne is looking at Cassandra and he takes turns closing one eye and then the other while repeating, ‘Camera one. Camera two. Camera one. Camera two.’? We see the same Cassandra but from those two very different vantage points. While it’s still the same image, taking the time to change […]

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To Share or Not to Share

From a young age we are programed to think that “sharing is caring”. But is it really? I mean, can’t we be compassionate, respectful, loving human beings and NOT offer up a bite of our brownie sundae at every request? My friend Lauren once told me that ordering dessert made her extremely anxious. Not because […]

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Documentation of Grievances

Documentarian of Grievances

I’ve always found it interesting the way women express themselves. Some women quietly maneuver throughout their world while others (like me) need a microphone to express every last detail. My older sister definitely falls into the silent category. She has this ability to be quietly accepting of what life presents while never complaining. She simply […]

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