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New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me?

Mama’s Resolutions for the Coming Year You could say that this past year was a big one for my daughter, E, and me – life-changing really. I found my sense of independence after living with my mother for many months. I moved out, found a place for E and me to call home, I turned […]

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Divorce is Not a Dirty Word

DIVORCE! Yes, I said it (or wrote it, rather). I say it multiple times a week. There are many words that are far dirtier and make me cringe, but why should this seven-letter word be something that people whisper about, afraid to say at a normal decibel? I say it so often because it is a […]

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The Struggle Is So Real

It’s a hot and lovely Central New York day. We are trying to decide where to go get ice cream. A treat to ourselves because it’s so unbearably hot. “Sno Top or Gannon’s?” I ask. “Deciding between the two? The struggle is so real,” he says. We say it all the time, jokingly, and we laugh. […]

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